Mr M Sammy

Senior Leader Attendance Champion

You must report your child is absent each and every morning (before 8.15am) via the ParentMail app or (it is preferred that you use the ParentMail app). If emailing, you must remember to state the name of the student concerned, their Year group and the nature of their absence. 

If your child has a medical condition or other reason which may affect their attendance, please contact their form tutor, Year Lead or our Attendance Manager so that we can provide as much help and support as necessary.

Please arrange all routine medical and dental appointments during half term or after 2.30pm. We do understand that hospital and orthodontic appointments are subject to availability. We require a copy of the appointment letter before approving any authorised absence.

Doctors/appointment notes can be handed in at reception or the online message from the doctor can be shown to reception when collecting your child.

School Absence

We continue to receive applications for absence during term time despite the proven link between school non attendance and lower academic achievement.
As a school we continue to stress the importance of good school attendance. We realise that absence not only affects a student’s academic performance but also their social and wellbeing in school.

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