Bedrock Vocabulary

For Year 7 and Year 8 initially, we have invested in an innovative literacy improvement tool called Bedrock Vocabulary. It is a website that helps children to learn very important academic vocabulary. As your child progresses through the Bedrock curriculum, they will study hundreds of words, whilst reading fiction and non-fiction texts regularly. Bedrock Vocabulary is all done on-line as part of Home Learning.

Bedrock benefits for students

 Tailored to individual learning level, right from the beginning

 Learning adapts to each student’s unique pace

 Accessible from home

 Wide range of engaging texts expand world knowledge as well as vocabulary

 Gives instant feedback on learning progress

 Certificates celebrate students’ success!


Bedrock benefits for parents

 Access to your child’s unique dashboard shows individual words your child has learned and is still learning, as well as overall progress

 Provides an understanding of child’s learning, making it easy to support as a family

 Our research shows parents believe using Bedrock improves their child’s written vocabulary and reading skills, and makes children more engaged across the school curriculum

Log on to Bedrock

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Further Information

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For extra information visit the Bedrock website:

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