Behaviour and Rewards

We promote a culture of positive behaviour and believe that rewards can be more effective than punishment in motivating students. It is the Trust’s policy to recognise, acknowledge and reward individual achievements by students.

The Trust does however understand the place and value of the use of sanctions to uphold good behavioural standards. Sanctions will be applied consistently and it will be fully transparent and clear to the recipient why the sanction is being applied.


Positive behaviour will be rewarded with:

  • Positive points (House points), these will be individual and also cumulative towards the House total
  • Reward postcards
  • Letters or phone calls home to parents
  • Roles of responsibility: Form representative, House council representative, school council representative, Prefect, Deputy Head Boy/Girl, Head Boy/Girl, Library Monitor
  • Subject or House awards
  • Reward each term – 100% attendance
  • Prefect reward breakfast
  • Most improved attendance reward –    certificate and canteen vouchers


Positive Points (house points) are rewarded for:

• Good work, behaviour, attitude and attendance
• Helping others
• Best in class
• Perfect week
• Community work
• Above and beyond
• Trust representation


A student who achieves appropriate numbers of House points will be placed in the weekly top ten list and this will be communicated home via well done post cards.

Consistent high numbers of House points combined with attendance and Attitude to Learning averages will be rewarded with a ticket in the super prize draw (multiple cash cards varying in value from £15.00-£45.00) each term. In addition these students are then invited to a reward afternoon to watch a film at the end of term.

Consistent high numbers of House points will also be part of contributing to being rewarded with a yearly gold, silver or bronze place on the end of year reward trips. Those with a Gold standard, pick first from trips offered. Examples are:

• Butlins
• Alton Towers
• Legoland
• Meadow Hall – Sheffield
• Paint balling/laser quest
• Cadbury’s World
• Rutland Water cycling
• Sports mania



The Trust may use one or more of the following sanctions in response to unacceptable behaviour:

• A verbal reprimand
• Strike Card signed (all students carry cards. Clear cards with no strikes entered for prize draw/full strike cards result in detention);
• Red stamp or name on the board
• Sending the student out of the class
• Expecting work to be completed at home, break or lunchtime
• Detention at break, lunchtime, or after school
• Referring the student to the ‘On Call’ system for intervention by pastoral staff
• Phone calls or meetings with parents
• Behaviour contract
• Student report
• Period 6
• Student Referral Unit (SRU)

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