Design a Statue competition celebrates LGBTQ+ History Month

Design a Statue competition celebrates LGBTQ+ History Month

The History department at Bourne Academy have organised a ‘Design a Statue’ competition to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month, which is taking place throughout February 2023.

The competition is designed to help promote the values of diversity, equality and inclusion in the school as well as learning about the contributions of LGBTQ+ people that may have been forgotten.

We are encouraging students to think outside of the box and come up with the most creative and respectful way to remember LGBTQ+ historical figures.

The first task for students is to choose who to base their statue on so we have prepared a list of useful resources below that will help students with their research.

There are people from different walks of life such as activists, actors, artists, campaigners, humanitarians, influencers, musicians, sports people and writers or unsung heroes who have made a positive impact to inspire or help others.

To reward students for their hard work and creativity, there will be prizes for the top three designs and a display of the outstanding entries will feature in a special display in the school.


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LGBTQ+ History Month

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