Effort and success recognised at the House Celebration Evening

Effort and success recognised at the House Celebration Evening

(left to right) Lizzie Cree, Samson Couling, Mr Leonard, Celine Acheampong, Mr Sammy, Oscar Worrall, Mrs Bland and Alex Walton

At the House Celebration Evening we celebrated all the wonderful things the students have achieved throughout the academic year. Hosted by Mr Matt Leonard, who oversees the House system at Bourne Academy, we were able to showcase and recognise the efforts and successes our of students.

As well as the award presentations, the audience were treated to some fantastic drama and musical performances from our students.

The awards were presented by each of the Heads of House who were able to give their personal insight into why students were chose for each award. In total, there were 72 students from Year 7 to 10 who received an award in front of their peers and parents/carers.

The following students were then chosen as the overall category winners out of all the Houses:

  • Lizzie Cree – Reading Champion and Outstanding Contribution to the School Community
  • Alex Walton – Outstanding Contribution to Drama/Arts
  • Celine Acheampong – Outstanding Contribution to House Sport
  • Oscar Worrall – Outstanding Contribution to the House System
  • Samson Couling – Aspire Champion

Below are all of the winners for each category:

Mays House (Green)

  • Casey Woolsey, Sam Ward, Bethel Wanless, Josh Hunt, Harry French and Alex Coles

Warwick House (Blue)

  • Amelia Smorawska, Kieran Orme, Jadwiga Witczak, Amelia Walton, Lizzie Hoile and Eden Thomas

Galileo House (Orange)

  • Alfie Toyne, Charlie Taylor, Roxie Bates, Harrison Pettit, Holly Rutherford and Christian Setchell

Keller House (Yellow)

  • Lily Rogers, Freya Smith, Karen Hailey, George Jones, Ethan Byatt and Rejep Hadzaj

Hereward House (Red)

  • Oscar Worrall, Fearne Connell, Livy Green, Lola Wilcockson, Millie Clingo and Leo Green

Turner House (Purple)

  • Afie Tempest, Emma Gough, Kaine Kilbon, Jazzy Bubbra, Lilly Tappern and Harriet Johnson
  • Rosy Livingston – Mays House (Green)
  • Oliwia Krzysztof – Warwick House (Blue)
  • Lizzie Cree – Galileo House (Orange)
  • Freya Smith – Keller House (Yellow)
  • Bianka Domalewska – Hereward House (Red)
  • Alicia Goodson – Turner House (Purple)
  • Faye Goldsmith – Mays House (Green)
  • Anna Mairs – Warwick House (Blue)
  • Filip Rak – Galileo House (Orange)
  • Courtney Hammond – Keller House (Yellow)
  • Holly Barclay – Hereward House (Red)
  • Noah Holyoak – Turner House (Purple)
  • Matilda Hay – Mays House (Green)
  • Ben Greig – Warwick House (Blue)
  • Lizzie Cree – Galileo House (Orange)
  • Karen Hailey – Keller House (Yellow)
  • Ruby Clingo – Hereward House (Red)
  • Imogen Broom – Turner House (Purple)
  • Harriet Dixon – Mays House (Green)
  • Luca Cooper – Warwick House (Blue)
  • Meredith Marsh – Galileo House (Orange)
  • Ruby Stokes – Keller House (Yellow)
  • Alex Walton – Hereward House (Red)
  • Millie Hughes – Turner House (Purple)
  • Daniel Ellington – Mays House (Green)
  • Celine Acheampong – Warwick House (Blue)
  • Sam Sharpe – Galileo House (Orange)
  • Emily Carey – Keller House (Yellow)
  • Heidi Goodley-Gray – Hereward House (Red)
  • Jack Sutton – Turner House (Purple)
  • Sampson Couling – Mays House (Green)
  • Elena Cristache – Warwick House (Blue)
  • Tia Wilson – Galileo House (Orange)
  • Kiera Pick – Keller House (Yellow)
  • Oscar Worrall – Hereward House (Red)
  • Kacy Nix – Turner House (Purple)
  • Lexie Sandall – Mays House (Green)
  • Elena Cristache – Warwick House (Blue)
  • William Thompson – Galileo House (Orange)
  • Karen Hailey – Keller House (Yellow)
  • Oscar Worrall – Hereward House (Red)
  • Anastasija Sorokina – Turner House (Purple)
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