Kinball Festival introduces a new team sport to get active

Kinball Festival introduces a new team sport to get active

A small group of new Year 7 students had a fantastic time learning a new team sport, getting active and making new friends as they took part in a Kinball Festival. The event provided a great opportunity to help these students with their transition to secondary school.

Bourne Academy entered two teams into the festival, which was organised by Lincolnshire School Games and there were also teams from Spalding Academy and the event hosts University Academy Long Sutton.

Kinball is a relatively new sport, which originated from Canada where three teams of four players compete against each other at the same time to try and keep a giant ball (measuring 1.2 metres) off the floor! The objective of the game is to score the most amount of points by not letting the ball touch the ground. It is a great game to get students active, work as a team and most of all having fun!

The students worked hard developing their communication skills, teamwork and good sportsmanship while enjoying this fast-paced game. Once they learnt the rules, they were able to use tactics and quick-thinking to outmanoeuvre their opponents.

Ms Ged Coles, SLAT Director of Sport said “The day was a huge success with all the students leaving feeling more positive about sport and exercise. All the students worked really hard throughout the day, they produced some great results and were a real credit to the school.”

Our Kinball teams included:

  • Poppy Alcott
  • Esme Enderwick-Edwards
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Eden McPherson
  • Immi Mears
  • Addison Richardson
  • Blake Thompson
  • Tommy Threadgill
  • Jack Todd
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