Lego League Club are building up for the national competition

Lego League Club are building up for the national competition

Mrs Moorfoot and Miss Saville from our Computing department have started a ‘Lego League Club’ for our Year 7 and 8 students during Wednesday lunchtimes. The aim of the club is to then prepare students for the ‘First Lego League Challenge’ competition, which is set to take place at the end of 2023.

The ‘First Lego League Challenge’ is a competition for schools across the world that is designed to apply STEM skills to design and programme a robot based on the popular Lego Mindstorms kit. The robot can be customised to then accomplish missions that take place on a 8ft x 4ft map.

In the competition, points can be scored for the robot design, robot performance, teamwork and the students will also deliver as a team a presentation on a designated science based topic that they have researched.

Students have already completed their first part of the project to build to first Lego components and work is already underway on ideas for their presentation.

If Year 7 or Year 8 students are interested in taking part, please speak to Mrs Moorfoot and Miss Saville. There will also be opportunities for new Year 7’s joining the school in September to participate.

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