Little Shop Of Horrors is a musical hit with thrilling performances

Little Shop Of Horrors is a musical hit with thrilling performances

One of the highlights of the year in the school calendar is our annual musical. This year did not disappoint as our talented cast of students thrilled audiences with four outstanding performances of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’.

For the first performance, we welcomed Year 6 students from local primary schools to inspire them to pursue an interest in the arts when they start Bourne Academy in September. There were three further performances packed with the local school community of family, students and staff.

The story of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ follows a meek floral assistant, Seymour Krelborn, who stumbles across a new breed of plant he names ‘Audrey II’ – after his co-worker crush. This exotic plant proves good for business, but gradually he’s horrified to learn that it craves blood and flesh and must satisfy its appetite. The original play has been thrilling audiences since the 80’s when it first appeared on the Broadway and West End and it has now graced the stage at Bourne Academy!

Our students never fail to deliver ‘first class’ performances and the audience were treated to superb singing, dancing and acting skills on stage along with fantastic tech and puppeteering. This was complemented with our incredible live band who add an extra dimension to the show.

The Art department at Bourne Academy were also involved as they created a stunning set with props for the production. This has involved a team of Student Art Ambassadors along with Mrs Reid and Mr Walker who designed and created the stage elements in the show. The Audrey II logo for the promotional poster and programme was also designed by Izzy Gurry who is Year 12 Art & Design student.

Mrs Samantha Parker, Head of Performing Arts said “Both the cast and crew have worked with immense enthusiasm and commitment. The students flair and creativity has allowed the production to run smoothly and go from strength to strength. We feel privileged to be working with such talented and inspiring young people, for this we would like to thank them all!”

A special mention goes to Mr Wood, Mrs Parker, Mr Swinn, Mr Brindley and Ms O’Brien from the Performing Arts and Music departments who have dedicated so much time and effort to ensure that the performances were outstanding.

We hope that everyone who came to any of the performances enjoyed the show and are looking forward to our next production in 2024.

SeymourCameron Rosam-Goodwin
AudreyTegan Wyche
MushnikEdward Barks
OrinAlex Walton
Audrey IILucas Barnatt and David Yarnell
The UrchinsMeredith Marsh, Lucie Hill, Jess Glover, Emily Tidman, Olivia Gough, Matilda Kelly and Isla Downs
SnipMatilda Hay
Ms MartinHolly Rutherford
Mr BernsteinPeter Winfield
Mrs LuceRuby Stokes
DJSamuel Wright
CustomerOllie Bostock
Customer and Flashback SeymourMiles Francis
Old ManWilliam Thompson
Homeless PersonEmily Cooper
Dental NurseJasmine Lane
NarratorMason Wyche
Rosy LivingstonCasey Richardson
Grace DurowsBilly Stokes
Amelia MayLola Wilcockson
Rigby-WildeSkye Harper
Emily CooperLizzie Hoile
Holly Rutherford
James GreigSamuel Bishop
Oliwia KrzysztofRuby Harris
Chloe CarltonAmber King
Kiera BrowneRiver Browne
Jessica MartinLauren Glover
Lucy DavisMaisie Beckett
Hailey AckroydLogan Grew
Isabella AffordKieran Orme
Amelia BarwellAbigail Glover
Alexander ShortRiver Baker
Production ManagersMrs S Parker, Mr A Wood, Mr T Swinn and Miss G Willcock
Musical DirectorsMr T Swinn and Mr J Brindley
Vocal CoachMiss E Sanderson
Student DirectorMatilda Hay
ChoreographyLizzie Hoile
Stage ManagementMiss L Abbey and Sophie Bell
Sound EngineerMr M Swinn
Tech SupportJai Manzur, Zion Serino-Jordan, Charlie Sutherland, Elana Cox, Emma Gough, Flynn Huson and Liam Knudsen
Backstage SupportGeorgina Stevenson, Lucy Burke, Annie Markley, Tom Chalmers and Jacob Edwards
KeysMr T Swinn and Grey Watson
BassMr J Brindley
TrumpetMs S O’Brien
GuitarDanny Petherick and Chloe Price
DrumsBen Warner
Mrs A ReidIzzy Gurry
Mr A WalkerOliwia Krzysztof
Ellie BriscoeRosy Livingston
Paige BriggsLena Mairs
Fearne ConnellKacy Nix
Emily CooperCharlie Sutherland
Ivy GaywoodLivvi Turner
Logan Grew
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