Live music concert is the perfect finale for the end of term

Live music concert is the perfect finale for the end of term

This was quite possibly the best end of term ever for Years 7 to 10 as they were treated to a live music concert featuring some of the best student and staff talent (plus with a few surprise guests including Mr Sammy and Mrs Bland!).

With a crowd-pleasing set featuring tracks by artists such as Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Foo Fighter and The Killers the concert was performed four times during the day so each Year had their own private concert. As well as the musical talent, we were also treated to an incredible dance routine by Alfie Jarvis in Year 10.

We often enthuse about how talented our students are, but this concert demonstrated that not only are they talented, but they support each other and push each other to get better and better. Seeing how far our students have developed in skill and confidence to be able to put on a show like this in front of their peers is inspiring to all.

The complete line-up of acts and performers included:

  • Matilda Hay and Matilda Kelly (Vocals)
  • Courtney Hammond (Keys)
  • Ruby Woodhams (Bass)
  • Julia Witkowska (Ukulele)
  • Emily Cooper (Drums)
  • Meredith Marsh (Vocals)
  • David Yarnell (Bass)
  • Evie Benson (Keys)
  • Kobe Wiles (Drums)
  • Tegan Wyche (Vocals)
  • Danny Petherick (Guitar)
  • William Robbins (Keys)
  • George Jones (Drums)
  • Laura Brader and Ms O’Brien (Vocals)
  • Joe Broughton and Mr Brindley (Guitar)
  • Archie Arnold (Drums)
  • Laura Brader and Ms O’Brien (Vocals)
  • Chloe Price and Mr Brindley (Guitar)
  • Archie Arnold (Drums)
  • Mrs Bland and Ms O’Brien (Vocals)
  • Mr Sammy (Keys)
  • Mr Grassby and Mr Brindley (Guitar)
  • Mr Swinn (Drums)
  • Mr Horner (Dancer)
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