National Theatre chose Bourne to perform at Nottingham Playhouse

National Theatre chose Bourne Academy to perform at Nottingham Playhouse

When our students performed a brand-new National Theatre play called ‘Old Times’ in front of a live audience, they were keen to put on a first class show. This time there was the added pressure of being judged by a representative from the National Theatre who would decide if they have what it takes to appear at the Nottingham Playhouse in next stage of the National Theatre’s Connections Festival.

Our cast of seventeen Performing Arts students in Years 9 to 13 put their nerves aside and demonstrated how talented they are with a stunning performance that captivated the audience with an emotional story about friendship written by playwright Molly Taylor.

This was acknowledged by Nel Crouch who is the Connections Director at the National Theatre as she was impressed by the overall performance and provided exceptional feedback.

This impressive performance secured Bourne Academy their place in the next stage of the Connections Festival will take place from Friday 14th to Sunday 16 April 2023 at the Nottingham Playhouse.

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Thank you to Mr Wood, Mrs Parker and Mr Swinn for directing and working with the students. A special mention also goes to Miles Francis, Matilda Kelly and Wren Vallance for were student directors and Jai Manzur for sound and light production.

The student cast of ‘Old Times’ are:

  • Lucas Barnatt
  • Zoe Camamile
  • Elana Cox
  • Valerija Cybulkina
  • Jess Glover
  • Zara Hakim
  • Skye Harper
  • Matilda Hay
  • Lewis Jackson
  • Meredith Marsh
  • Holly Rutherford
  • Zion Serino-Jordan
  • Ruby Stokes
  • Zara Thiara-Mahmood
  • Emily Tidman
  • Alex Walton
  • Tegan Wyche
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