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Who's Who

Senior leadership team

Mr Laurence Reilly - Executive Headteacher of South Lincolnshire Academies Trust

Mrs Lucy Conley - Deputy Executive Headteacher of South Lincolnshire Academies Trust

Mrs Rebecca Le Caplain - SLAT Deputy Headteacher (SENCO)

Mr James Hind - SLAT Deputy Headteacher - Teaching and Learning

Mr Brett Sinclair - SLAT Deputy Headteacher - Behavioural Standards

Mr Tom Martin - SLAT Deputy Headteacher - Assessment & Data

Mrs Elizabeth Dilley - SLAT Deputy Headteacher - Teaching, Learning & Standards

Mrs Caroline Alker - Assistant Headteacher - Communications

Pastoral team 

Mr Brett Sinclair - SLAT Deputy Headteacher  - Director of Behavioural Standards

Mr Mark Bryan - Pastoral & Behavioural Manager

Mrs Julia Kettle - Safeguarding Manager

Mrs Louise Baker - SRU Inclusion Lead Behaviour Team

Mr Mark Lewis - Cover Supervisor

Mrs Sally Bell - Attendance Manager

Mrs Joanne Carver - Learning Mentor/Pastoral Support

Mrs Deb Freeman - SS2 Inclusion Lead Behaviour


Transition Phases:

Mr Matt Dennis - Year 7 Lead

Mr Lewis Garrett - Year 8 Lead

Mr Fraser Avill - Year 9 Lead

Mrs Maxine Sharpe - Year 10 Lead

Ms Francine Lynas - Year 11 Lead

Mrs Jane Pickering - Year 12-13 Lead

Heads of house 

Miss Gemma Wrigley - Warwick House

Miss Stephanie Fox - Galileo House

Mrs Catherine Worrall - Keller House

Mrs Lucie Lawson - Hereward House

Mr Chris Bamber - Turner House

Mr Matthew Leonard - Mays House

Staff list

Acasandri Mrs Eniko Administrator
Alderson Mrs Emily Teacher of English
Alker Mrs Caroline SLAT Assistant Headteacher- HOD Communications Faculty
Anniss-Woods Mrs Emily Teacher of Mathematics
Arden Mrs Stephanie Teaching Assistant
Ashraf Mr Irfan Teacher of Computer Science
Ashwell Mr Lester Senior IT Technician
Atha Mrs Caroline Administrator - Trips & Visits
Avill Mr Fraser Year Lead Coordinator Y9
Bailey Mrs Susan Administrator - Receptionist
Baines Mr Tom Teacher of English (NQT)
Baker Mrs Louise SRU Manager/Exclusion
Baker Mrs Sally A HOD Science
Bamber Mr Chris Teacher of PE - Head of House (Purple)
Beattie Miss Elsbeth Teacher of Design & Technology (graphics & resistant materials)
Bell Mrs Sally Senior Administrator - Attendance/Admissions Manager
Biccarino Mrs Heather Senior Administrator - Sims Data & Assessment Manager
Booth Mrs Elaine Lead in English - KS4 Coordinator - 2nd in Department
Briggs Mrs Lucy Administrator - Personnel & Quality Assurance
Brindley Mr Jack HOD Music
Brisbourne Mrs Kirstie Teacher of Geography
Broome Mr Ben Cover Supervisor
Bryan Mr Mark SLAT Director of Behaviour & Pastoral
Buckley Mrs Lisa Medical Assistant
Burley Mrs Andrea Science Instructor
Cairns Mrs Britte HOD MFL
Carter Miss Abbie Teaching Assistant
Carvath Miss Samantha Teaching Assistant
Carver Mrs Joanne Learning Mentor - Pastoral Support
Cepelak Mr Gerry Teacher of Mathematics
Chivers Mrs Anna Language Assistant (MFL)
Chivers Mrs Sylvia Teaching Assistant
Clifton Mrs Lorraine Science Laboratory Technician
Cole Mr Nathan Teacher of Science
Coles Miss Ged SLAT Director of Sport & Physical Education
Collinson Mrs Sarah HOD Geography
Conley Mrs Lucy SLAT Deputy Executive Headteacher
Cooper Mrs Karen Teaching Assistant
Cooper Mrs Stacey Teacher of MFL
Copeland Mrs Alison Teacher of English
Creasey Mrs Lisa Teaching Assistant (Peronal Care)
Dawkins Mrs Carla Catering Assistant
Dennis Mr Matthew Year Lead Coordinator Y7
Double Miss Rachel SLAT Director of Post 16 & Destinations/Transition - Science Teacher
Duckmanton Mrs Julie Teaching Assistant
Dunn Mrs Isobel Teacher of PE
Dunn Mr Zakeray Trainee Teacher of PE
Dyer Miss Elizabeth SLAT Deputy Headteacher - Teaching & Learning/Standards
Dzbenska Miss Anna Teacher of Mathematics
Earth Mrs Tina Administrator - Receptionist
Easton Mrs Joanna Teaching Assistant
Elliott Mrs Jane HOD Design & Technology
Eshelby Mrs Sally SLAT Director of Finance
Finch Mr Nigel Teacher of History/RE
Flint Mr Alex Instructor of English
Flowers Mr Calvin Teacher of Mathematics
Folk Mr Richard Teacher of Science
Fox Miss Stephanie Teacher of History - Head of House (Orange)
Freeman Mrs Deborah SS2 Inclusion Lead - Reintegration/SEN
Garrett Mr Lewis Year Lead Coordinator Y8
Goldsworthy Mrs Sonia EAL Coordinator
Gostling Miss Sharon SLAT Consultant - Teacher of Science
Graham Mr Fraser Teacher of Mathematics
Gray Ms Anne Teacher of Health & Social Care
Green Mrs Jo Assistant Cook
Green Mrs Rachel Senior Administrator (Careers & Student Progression)
Griffin Mrs Nicola Teaching Assistant
Hammond Mrs Sarah Teaching Assistant
Harrison Mr Nick Teacher of Business Studies
Hemming Mr Lee Teacher of Art, Craft & Design
Hind Mr James SLAT Deputy Headteacher (Teaching & Learning/Intervention) - HOD Geography
Hirst Mr Andrew Instructor of Business Studies
Hirst Mrs Sharleen Teacher of History - HOD PSHE/SMSC
Horner Mr Matt Instructor of Drama
Houseago Mrs Davina Art & Design Technician
Howard Miss Alexa Trainee Teacher of Science
Howard Ms Deborah English Instructor - Literacy Intervention Lead
Hoyles Mrs Diane Teacher of Science - KS3 responsibility
Hughes Mrs Susan Teaching Assistant
Iles Miss Judith Subject Leader Social Sciences/Psychology
Inglis Mrs Mandie Medical Assistant
Jagger Dr Judith Teacher of Science
Joel Mrs Karen SLAT Deputy Headteacher
Kaur Ms Dilraj Teacher of Media Studies - More Able responsibility
Kettle Mr Chris Premises Manager
Kettle Mrs Julia Designated Safeguarding Officer
Khan Mr Shuaib Teacher of Sociology, Psychology & RE
Kilby Mrs Katherine HOD Mathematics
Krywyszyn Mrs Nicola Teacher of Business Studies
Lane Miss Marianne Science Laboratory Technician
Langford Ms Hannah Trainee Teacher of History
Law Miss Chloe Teacher of Sociology/Psychology
Lawson Mrs Lucie Teacher of Art & Design - Head of House (Red)
Le Caplain Mrs Rebecca SLAT Deputy Headteacher - Head of SEN Faculty
Leggott Mr Martin SLAT Director of ICT Infrastructure
Leonard Mr Matthew Head of Boys PE - Teacher of Geography - Head of House (Green)
Lester Mrs Lucy Teacher of Art
Lewis Ms Helen SLAT Director of Operations - Health & Safety Officer
Lewis Mr Mark Pastoral/On Call Support - Cover Supervisor
Lindsay Mrs Sacha Teaching Assistant
Little Mr Tom SLAT Director of Humanities & PSHE & SMSC - HOD History
Lynas Ms Francine Year Lead Coordinator Y11
Maddison Mr Nigel Assistant Premises Manager
Manning Miss Lexy Teaching Assistant - Instructor of English
Martin Mrs Fiona Teacher of Mathematics - KS4 Coordinator - 2nd in Department
Martin Mr Tom SLATDeputy Headteacher- Teacher of Mathematics -Faculty-Data/Assessment/Timetable
Mayfield Miss Melissa HOD Business Studies
McAllen Mrs Kathleen Catering Assistant
McMeel Mrs Clare Teacher of English
McQueen Mr Alex Trainee Teacher of Geography
Medical Room  
Miles Miss Tracey Trust Administrator - Cover - Clerk to Governors
Misquitta Mr Willis Teacher of Science
Mitchell Mrs Penny Retail Coordinator - School Uniforms
Moorfoot Mrs Antoaneta HOD Computer Science Faculty
Morrison Miss Katy Teaching Assistant
Murphy Mrs Karen Teaching Assistant
Nieuwenhuizen Mrs Raynor Teacher of MFL
O'Brien Miss Sarah (Le Sage) Teacher of Music
Oliver-Robinson Mr Ben Teacher of Geography
Osborn Miss Zoe Teacher of English
Overland Ms Ruth Coordinator of Numeracy
Palmer Mrs Katie(Thorndike) Teacher of Mathematics
Parker Mrs Samantha HOD Performing Arts
Parker-Meadows Mr Dave Teacher of PE - BTEC Lead
Pattinson Mrs Joelle Teacher of English
Pearson Mrs Linda Teaching Assistant - Literacy Lead
Penney Mrs Charlotte Teaching Assistant
Peverell Mrs Lisa Teacher of RE
Phillips Miss Emma Teaching Assistant
Pickard Mrs Jo Teacher of PE - 2nd in Department
Pickering Mrs Jane Senior Administrator - Post 16 Coordinator
Pollard Ms Debora Catering Assistant
Poulter Dr Jonathon Teacher of Science
Preece Mrs Debra Lead Professional Tutor - NQT/ITT/GTP - Mathematics Teacher
Prentice Mrs Clare Finance Officer
Preston Mrs Jaime HOD RE
Proctor Mrs Kayleigh HOD Art
Purdy Miss Rachel Teacher of Geography
Rains Mrs Emma Teacher of Geography
Reilly Mr Laurence SLAT Executive Headteacher
Reilly Ms Niki Teacher of English
Robinson Mr Peter Assistant Premises Manager
Roche Mrs Kirsty Teacher of D&T
Roffe Mr Alex Administrator - Admissions & Digital Communications Coordinator
Sanderson Miss Gemma Teacher of Mathematics - KS3 Coordinator - D of E Coordinator
Saville Miss Stephanie Teacher of Computer Science (NQT)
Scott Mrs Claire HOD Media Studies
Scrupps Mr Stewart SLAT Director of Catering
Sharpe Mrs Maxine Year Lead Coordinator Y10
Shields Mrs Jayne Exams Officer & Access Arrangements Administrator
Sinclair Mr Brett SLAT Deputy Headteacher - Director of Behaviour Standards - PE Teacher
Sismey Mrs Christine Catering Assistant
Smith Mr Sam Trainee Teacher of Science
Spires Mr Jack Teaching Assistant
Stokes Mr Christopher Teacher of Science
Storey Mrs Samantha Senior Administrator - SEN
Swinn Mr Thomas Instructor of Performing Arts
Taylor Miss Amy Teacher of History
Thistlewood Mrs Debbie Reprographics / Administrator
Twaite Mrs Carolyn Teacher of Mathematics - KS5 Coordinator/Resources
Vignolo Ms Helena Teacher of Mathematics
Walker Mr Andrew D&T Technician
Ward Mrs Lisa D&T Technician
Wardle Mrs Claire Teacher of English
Weekes Miss Vanessa Personnel Administration Manager
Wetherill Miss Sally Teacher of Science - HOD Health & Social Care
Wilson Mrs Emily SLAT Director of the Arts Community & Collaboration
Wood Mr George Senior IT Technician
Woollard Miss Kelly Teacher of PE
Worrall Mrs Catherine(Crowson) Teacher of English - KS5 Coordinator - Head of House (Yellow)
Wrigley Miss Gemma Teacher of Science- Head of House (Blue)
Yates Mrs Sandra Science Laboratory Technician
Yemc Miss Hannah Teacher of English