Psychologists come face-to-face with their fears and phobias

Psychologists come face-to-face with their fears and phobias

It’s all in your head. There is nothing to worry about. They won’t hurt you!

If you have any fears or phobias of any kind, then we are sure this is something you have heard before. In many cases, this is completely true, but it still does not stop many of us having nightmares.

Our Year 12 Psychology students had a treat today (if you like reptiles, insects and animals!) when Zoolab who specialise in animal encounters and therapy visited the Sixth Form.

Students came face-to-face with Caspar the Snake, Jarvis the Cockroach, Harvey the Gecko, Phantom the Tarantula as well as Princess Katie the Rat and had the opportunity to safely hold and stroke the friendly visitors.

Our students have been studying the psychology of phobias as part of the A-level content and the different treatments such as ‘flooding’ where you face your phobias to overcome them. Many of the reasons why people have a fear of reptiles and insects can be through a simple lack of understanding (i.e. the unknown), a previous bad experience or if there is a genuine reason for your personal safety.

Luckily there was no tears or shrieks (from students or staff) despite some of them admitting they were scared of spiders and snakes. Everyone was very calm and embraced the opportunity to overcome any fears they made have had – any it looks like ‘flooding’ really works.

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