Any person who does not feel confident to raise their concerns with the Head Teacher, a member of the Senior Leadership Team or Chair of Governors or does not feel that their concerns about a situation or about an adult in school has been taken seriously they can contact the LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer-Lincolnshire) directly on 01522 554674.

Who can offer additional support?
Our Safeguarding Team

Mr W Hawkins

Chair of the Governing Body
Safeguarding Link

Mrs L Conley

Executive Head Teacher
Designated Safeguarding Trained

Mr M Sammy

Head of School
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr B Sinclair

Designated Safeguarding Lead for the Trust and Single Point Of Contact (SPOC)

Mrs J Kettle

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs J Carver

Designated Safeguarding Trained Safeguarding Support Officer

Mr M Bryan

Designated Safeguarding Trained Pastoral Lead

Below you can find our Safeguarding Policy under ‘School Policies’.

Further down in this section are some documents you may find useful.

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