Sixth Form Gold Card entitles Year 13 to special privileges

Sixth Form Gold Card entitles Year 13 to special privileges

To reward our Year 13 Sixth Formers whose attendance and AOL (Assessment of Learning) data is excellent, we have issued them with a special ‘Gold Card’, which entitles them to special privileges.

Whilst a student’s timetable requires them to attend Sixth Form five days a week, we recognise that students may have free periods in the morning and afternoon. During these times we already allow them to be off-site for activities such as driving lessons.

To allow students the option of study/revising from home, we have issued a Gold Card that gives selected students a pass to be off the school site.

For example, if the student has the timetable as below, then they will be able to study/revise from home on Tuesday during period 1 & 2 and after lunch on Wednesday and Thursday as this is when they have free periods.

The Gold Cards are subject to students still maintaining excellent attendance and attitude to learning in their lessons as well as keeping on target with their predicted grades.

If students have not yet received a Gold Card, then they can still earn this by continuing to work hard and improve attendance and/or AOL data.

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