• Examination board: AQA
  • Course length: 2 years

Students must meet the minimum entry requirements for the Academic or Combination study pathway. In addition, students must have GCSE Grade 6 in Geography (or equivalent at BTEC Level 2).

Geography is an exciting A-level subject, which provides a great opportunity to study the key challenges facing the world today. Throughout the course you will study issues of relevance to you, both now and in the future. Geography’s use of facts, figures, maps, ideas, views and values makes it ideal for decision making at work.

Paper 1 – Physical Geography

This topic focuses on some of the major physical processes at work on the planet. The Water and Carbon Cycles are major elements in the natural environment and play a significant role in the management of the planet. Coastal Systems and Landscapes and Hazards lead to the creation of a range of distinct landforms and landscapes.

Paper 2 – Human Geography

This topic focuses on some of the big changes that are happening in the world around us, essential knowledge for the modern day citizen. Globalisation covers the economic, social and political changes associated with the changing global economy while Changing Places provides the opportunity to study two contrasting locations. Finally, the study of Population and the environment explores the relationship between key aspects of physical and human geography and its impact on the natural environment.

Paper 3 – Geography Fieldwork Investigation

You will be required to complete four days of fieldwork that focuses on processes in both physical and human Geography. In additional you will complete an independent investigation that may be based on either human or physical aspects of Geography, or a combination of both.

Paper 1 – Physical Geography

  • Written 2½ hour examination worth 40% of the A-level qualification

Paper 2 – Human Geography

  • Written 2½ hour examination worth 40% of the A-level qualification
  • Each examination for paper 1 and 2 may include multiple-choice questions, short open answers, levels of response and extended prose answers, calculations and resource-linked questions totalling 120 marks.

Paper 3 – Geographical Fieldwork Investigation

  • The independent investigation is worth 20% of the qualification (60 marks). This project will be completed under the direct supervision of the staff and will be based on a question or issue defined and developed by you relating to any part of the specification content from Paper 1 or Paper 2.

Geography fits in well with almost any A-level combination and is also a highly regarded subject for university entry. The Russell Group of top UK Universities regard Geography as a key subject and Geography degree students are the second most employable (The Guardian).

Geographers go into:

  • Teaching
  • Social work
  • Law
  • Environmental management (e.g. National Trust, forestry, environmental health)
  • Information services (e.g. library, census officer and systems analyst)
  • Business and finance, (e.g. insurance, market research, banking)
  • Management and administration (e.g. estate agent, civil service, sport management; leisure)
  • Travel and tourism (e.g. National Park ranger, travel agent)
  • Scientific services (e.g. hydrologist, surveyor and cartographer)

If you have any questions about this subject please email or call 01778 391246.

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