• Examination board: Edexcel
  • Course length: 2 years

Students must meet the minimum entry requirements for the Academic or Combination study pathway. In addition, students must have GCSE Grade 7 in Maths (or equivalent at BTEC Level 2).

A-level Mathematics builds on what you have already studied, and introduces new and exciting topics. You will develop your reasoning skills, as well as your ability to construct coherent mathematical proofs. Your range of mathematical skills will be extended, as you use the techniques taught to solve longer unstructured problems. You will make links between the different areas of maths studied, and the wider curriculum.


Core Pure

  • This builds upon the mathematics covered in GCSE. It includes topics such as algebra, further trigonometry, polynomials, co-ordinate geometry and an introduction to calculus.

Mathematical Applications

  • This includes mechanics (motion, vectors and forces) and statistics (data presentation, interpretation and probability)


Core Pure

  • The pure mathematics covered at AS-level will be built upon further and will include: Further calculus techniques, proof, functions and parametric equations.

Mathematical Applications

  • This will include further mechanics (as for AS and also includes moments) and statistics (as for AS and also includes sampling and hypothesis testing).

Students will be examined on the full two year course at the end of the second year. This will take the form of three papers; Two Pure Maths papers and one Applied Paper. The whole two year course is examined, with topics from year 1 and 2 combined in these three exams.

Students who study A-level Mathematics go on to use this qualification to study an extremely wide-ranging and varied number of courses in further education, not just mathematics. These include medicine, engineering, computing, psychology, and business and finance.

If you have any questions about this subject please email or call 01778 391246.

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