Student timetable and enrichment

We will provide students the contact time they need to achieve the best results. Students will have five hours of teaching time per subject with one hour of supported study per subject.

Our students study full-time over five days a week. The academic day starts at 8.40am and finishes at 3.15pm which allows students to have out of school commitments such as part-time jobs or extra-curricular activities which will enhance their UCAS application.

The study timetable consists of one hour periods and every student will receive a personalised timetable that includes private study sessions and non-contact periods. The non-contact periods allow time for volunteering, work experience, driving lessons or private appointments (such as doctor or dentist).

Sample timetable

This is a sample timetable of a student studying three subjects:

Pastoral system

Each student will be part of our vertical tutoring system, where their Form Tutor will be responsible for the welfare of that student throughout his/her progress through the Sixth Form. Tutors are supported by the Head of Sixth Form and Careers & Aspirations Lead.

Bourne Academy also have a dedicated pastoral team who focus on supporting all students both in and out of the classroom.

Student enrichment

All students will gain work experience through a timetabled work placement plus there are opportunities to get involved in the school with supporting our subject departments.

To inspire our students, there are guest speakers from employers, local businesses and national organisations. Our weekly SMSC programme of study sessions focus on personal development and cover a diverse range of topics such as consent, mental health, parliament and higher education.

Students play an integral part of getting involved in the local community through charity work, performances and volunteering. There are music and performing arts clubs in the school as well as The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. We have sports teams who compete against other schools both locally and nationally.

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