Ted and Finlay qualify for National Cross-Country Finals

Ted and Finlay qualify for National Cross-Country Finals

Congratulations to Ted Ash (Year 11) and Finlay Smith (Year 7) in qualifying for the National Cross-County Finals, which are due to take place in Nottingham in March 2023.

At the weekend, they both competed in the Regional Cross-Country Championships at Abington Park in Northampton with the best runners from five different counties taking part.

The conditions were dry and fresh for this race, but the courses for both runners were hard going as they had a mix of terrains; ranging from grass, muddy tracks and dry paths.

Ted has been an outstanding runner throughout all of his time at Bourne Academy and once again put in a fantastic performance finishing 2nd in the Inter Boys race.

For Finlay, this was his first time competing in the Regional level and he also put in an excellent debut performance finishing 25th in the Minor Boys race.

Ms Ged Coles, Director of Sport & PE said “This was an outstanding effort from both runners and this is a fantastic achievement to represent Lincolnshire. Very well done and we wish you all the best for the National finals!”

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