Opening Hours

Tuesday 3pm-6pm

Wednesday 3pm – 6pm

Thursday 8am-11am

The above times apply all year round apart from a 2 week closure for the Christmas holidays. There are additional openings on the first 3 Saturday mornings in August 9am-12pm.

Email: uniformshop@bourneacademy.org

Telephone: 01778 391206  (during shop opening hours)

Order online here.

If you need any help registering please contact finance@bourneacademy.org

Second Hand Uniform

We welcome donations of good quality wearable items of old uniform to be taken directly to the uniform shop. These will be listed on ParentMail. We do not have the facilities to launder the items, so we kindly ask that any donations are clean. We rely on donations to make it a success. Thank you.  

Please find the current price list and uniform requirements below:

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