The way that students dress is important to create a smart, disciplined and purposeful academic environment, and as role models to promote the public image of Bourne Academy in the wider community.

At the start of every term, students are issued with a ‘Strike Card’ to ensure our uniform standards are maintained.

Please note that it is extremely important for all items of uniform to be labelled.

If families are experiencing particular financial difficulty, the school may be able to assist with the provision of uniform as necessary. Please contact the school for further details.

School Uniform

Black blazer with Bourne Academy badge: Available ONLY from the Bourne Academy Uniform Shop. To be worn at all times on the school site unless specific permission has been given by a member of staff.

Plain black V-neck sweatshirt/pullover: This must be plain black. A pullover is in addition to the blazer, not instead of a blazer. No cardigans and no hoodies.

Bourne Academy Year group tie: Students keep the same colour tie in each year at school.

Black skirt with SLAT Trust emblem: Available ONLY from the Bourne Academy Uniform Shop. Must be no shorter than 5cm above the knee and no longer than 10cm above the ankle. Skirts must NOT be rolled over at the waist. Black trousers with SLAT Trust emblem can be worn instead of a black skirt.

Black trousers with SLAT Trust emblem: Available ONLY from the Bourne Academy Uniform Shop. To be worn off the ground and level with shoes.

White shirt: Long or short sleeved, worn tucked in and all buttons fastened. No revere or button-down collars.

Black leather effect school shoes: No trainers/pumps. No high heels. No sport makes.

Socks: Plain black only. No stripes, colours or white sport socks. No trainer socks or socks above the knee (socks must be visible above shoes).

Tights: Flesh coloured or black.

Coat: Coat in dark colours preferred (not to be worn inside).

PE Kit

  • White polo shirt with collar
  • Gold & black football/rugby shirt (available ONLY from the Bourne Academy Uniform Shop)
  • Plain black shorts (no stripes, colours or cycling shorts)
  • Trainers (with laces and non marking soles)
  • Football boots
  • Black football socks
  • White sports socks (trainer socks are NOT permitted)
  • Shin pads
  • Gum shield (available from the PE Department)

Optional items to be worn ONLY for PE

  • Plain black sweatshirt (round-neck with no hood)
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms (no stripes or colours)
  • Plain black Skort (available ONLY from the Bourne Academy Uniform Shop)
  • Plain black leggings (must be worn under shorts only)
  • Plain black under armour (must be worn under shorts only)
  • Personalised black Bourne Academy hoodie (for students who take part in extra-curricular clubs and represent the School – order forms are available from the PE Department)
  • Personalised black Bourne Academy sports jacket (order forms are available from the PE Department)

Hair Style

  • No extreme hairstyles and no unnatural colours or contrast colourings are permitted.
  • The school has discretion in these matters. Please contact the school if any of the above needs clarifying.

Jewellery / Other

  • A single small stud or sleeper may be worn in each ear lobe.
  • A ring on each hand is allowed but must be discrete.
  • No facial/alternative body piercing jewellery is acceptable.
  • One plain necklace may be worn (not to be seen).
  • One charity bracelet may be worn.
  • No gel nails or nail varnish.
  • No make-up in Year 7 and 8. Year 9, 10 and 11 subtle make-up only.
  • No false eyelashes or lash extensions.
  • No fashion belts.
  • Any religious head covering should be plain in either black or white.

Uniform Shop

Bourne Academy has its very own Uniform Shop where parents/carers can purchase the school uniform. It is located by the student entrance to the school near the Leisure Centre.

The Uniform Shop is open all year round at the following times (apart from a two-week closure for the Christmas holidays):

  • Tuesday 3pm to 6pm
  • Wednesday 3pm to 6pm
  • Thursday 8am to 11am

There are additional openings on the first three Saturday mornings in August from 9am to 12pm.

You can contact the Uniform Shop on 01778 391206 (during shop opening hours) or email uniformshop@bourneacademy.org

You can also online via ParentMail – for help registering via ParentMail please email finance@bourneacademy.org


Bourne Academy welcome donations of good quality wearable items of old uniform to be taken directly to the Uniform Shop. These will be listed on ParentMail. We do not have the facilities to launder the items, so we kindly ask that any donations are clean. We rely on donations to make it a success. Thank you.

Below is the current price list and uniform requirements.
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