Executive Headteacher's Welcome

Bourne Academy – Aspiring to be Outstanding

We truly believe that the education we offer at Bourne Academy is exceptional – and so is each one of our students.

As a mixed non selective secondary school we pride ourselves on being able to provide a personalised approach that best meets the needs of each and every individual child.

Our belief is that Bourne Academy is a learning centre that encourages students to Aspire, Challenge, Achieve and as part of the wider family of the South Lincolnshire Academies Trust (SLAT), we have access to strong professional partnership links and outstanding educational thinking.

The school has myriad opportunities for children to access study support and extracurricular programmes, often involving working closely with the local community, particularly in sport and the arts – including music, performance and the visual arts.

We expect students to work hard and be committed to learning and we believe in high challenge that is coupled with high support, including exceptional pastoral care. We also demand high standards of behaviour that allow effective learning and teaching to take place.

Our high expectations for uniform standards, behaviour and student leadership programmes all show that Bourne Academy is aspiring to be outstanding in all we do.

Our successful, oversubscribed school is based upon:

  • High expectations, with a firm, fair and consistently applied code of conduct which is understood by students, teachers and parents/carers;
  • Positive, high profile rewards based on outcomes that all students can achieve, including exemplary effort and behaviour and an outstanding rate of attendance;
  • Strong, mutually supportive relationships between our staff, students and their parents/carers;
  • Developing students confidence and self-esteem;
  • A multi pathway curriculum designed so that each student can achieve their full potential in the core subjects together with a wide range of academic and vocational options;
  • Providing appropriate support for students of all abilities;
  • Working in partnership with our other Trust schools to further improve the school delivering the best outcomes for students;
  • A superb data tracking and reporting system providing regular feedback to parents/carers on their child’s progress against aspirational targets and on their attitude to learning;
  • High quality, regular feedback to students, both written and oral, with readily accessible information on the next steps in their learning;
  • High quality PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) and SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) programmes which equip our students for life in Britain in the 21st century;
  • Investing wisely in the continuous upgrading of buildings, classrooms and facilities to provide our students with an attractive environment that helps to optimise their learning.

Mrs Lucy Conley
SLAT Executive Headteacher / Chief Executive Officer

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