Who's Who

Leadership Team

Mrs Lucy ConleySLAT Chief Executive Officer
Mrs Jemma CursonSLAT Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Governance / Leadership Development / Teaching & Learning)
Miss Elizabeth DyerSLAT Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Personnel / CPD / Vocational Education)
Mr James HindSLAT Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Teaching & Learning / Careers / KS4 & KS5)
Mr Tom MartinSLAT Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Curriculum / Data / Timetable)
Mr Brett SinclairSLAT Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Behaviour / Pastoral / Safeguarding)
Mrs Karen JoelTrust Head SEND
Mrs Kath KilbyTrust Executive Education Director (Partnerships / Staff Welfare / Disadvantaged / Maths / Teaching & Learning)
Mrs Daisy BlandTrust Executive Education Director (ECT & ITT Lead / Communication / English / Teaching & Learning)
Mr Kyri ChrysostomouTrust Executive Education Director (Exams Lead / Curriculum / Stakeholder Feedback)
Miss Rachel DoubleTrust Executive Education Director (School Environment & Engagement Lead)
Mrs Stacey DyerTrust Executive Education Director (Vocational Curriculum / Teaching & Learning Vocational)
Mrs Samantha PellTrust Executive Education Director (KS3 Transition Lead / ECT & ITT Support Lead)
Mr Chris WrightTrust Executive Education Director (Behaviour / Pastoral / Safeguarding)

For details of the South Lincolnshire Academies Trust Leadership Team, visit www.slat.org.uk/whos-who

Teaching staff

Mrs Emily Wilson Partnership Lead – Art & Design
Mr Michael Andrew Head of Department – Art & Design
Mrs Kayleigh Proctor Teacher of Art & Design (2nd in Department)
Mrs Sophie Podzuns Teacher of Art & Design
Mrs Jemma Scott Teacher of Art & Design
Mrs Emily Wiles Teacher of Art & Design
Mr Andrew Walker Art & Design Technician
Mrs Stacey Dyer Partnership Lead – Business Studies / Trust Executive Education Director
Miss Linda Norman Head of Department – Business Studies / Director of Business Studies
Mrs Nicola Krywyszyn Teacher of Business Studies
Mr Harry Thornburn Teacher of Business Studies / Head of Mays House (Green)
Mrs Antoaneta MoorfootPartnership Lead & Head of Department – Computer Science
Mr James HickinbothamTeacher of Computer Science
Mrs Andriea WilliamsTeacher of Computer Science
Mrs Farina ZakaTeacher of Computer Science
Mrs Elaine BoothPartnership Lead & Head of Department – English
Mrs Daisy BlandTrust Executive Education Director (ECT & ITT Lead / Communication / English / Teaching & Learning) / Teacher of English
Mrs Claire DeaneTeacher of English (2nd in Department)
Ms Caroline AlkerTeacher of English
Mrs Alison CopelandTeacher of English
Mrs Carol DurransTeacher of English
Mrs Sophie HilesTeacher of English
Mrs Linda PearsonTeacher of English
Mrs Sarah SmithTeacher of English / Media
Miss Maddison StarkeyTeacher of English
Mrs Claire WardleTeacher of English
Miss Ashden WoodrowTeacher of English
Miss Hannah YemcTeacher of English / Media
Mrs Rachael BroughtonInstructor of English
Mrs Kirsty RochePartnership Lead & Head of Department – Food Preparation & Nutrition
Mrs Jane ElliottTeacher of Food Preparation & Nutrition
Mrs Victoria WarrenFood Technician
Mrs Sarah CollinsonTrust Associate Education Director (Humanities: Geography)
Mrs Sue CrooksJoint Head of Department – Geography
Mrs Joanna MaddisonPartnership Lead & Head of Department – Travel & Tourism
Mr Will BakerTeacher of Geography
Mr Chris ButterworthTeacher of Geography / KS4 Lead
Miss Sofia Potesta-ElliottTeacher of Geography
Mrs Emma RainsTeacher of Geography
Miss Sally WetherillPartnership Lead & Head of Department – Health & Social Care / Lead Professional Tutor
Miss Rianna BoothTeacher of Health & Social Care / Sociology / RE
Ms Anne GrayTeacher of Health & Social Care / Partnership Lead Support
Mr Tom LittleTrust Associate Education Director (Humanities: History & RE)
Miss Kiya TaylorHead of Department – History
Miss Georgia BrackleyTeacher of History
Mrs Sharleen HirstTeacher of History / Trust Associate Education Director (PSHE / SMSC)
Mr Miles HoganTeacher of History
Mr Samuel KirbyTeacher of History / PSHE Lead
Miss Hannah MondsTeacher of History
Miss Tilly FosterTeacher of History
Mrs Kath KilbyPartnership Lead – Mathematics / Trust Executive Education Director
Mrs Fiona MartinHead of Department – Mathematics
Miss Gemma SandersonTeacher of Mathematics (2nd in Department) / DofE Coordinator
Miss Thalia AlexanderTeacher of Mathematics
Mrs Patricia BeedellTeacher of Mathematics
Mr Ben BroomeTeacher of Mathematics & PE / Head of Galileo House (Orange)
Miss Lauren EnglishTeacher of Mathematics / Head of Warwick House (Blue)
Mr Calvin FlowersTeacher of Mathematics
Mrs Elizabeth FrigugliettiTeacher of Mathematics
Mr Fraser GrahamTeacher of Mathematics
Miss Elaine HileyTeacher of Mathematics
Mrs Anna McCrystalTeacher of Mathematics
Ms Ruth OverlandTeacher of Mathematics / Coordinator of Numeracy
Mrs Claire ScottTrust Associate Education Director (Vocational Curriculum) / Partnership Lead & Head of Department – Media Studies
Mrs Sarah SmithTeacher of Media / English
Miss Hannah YemcTeacher of Media / English
Mrs Britte CairnsTrust Associate Education Director (Modern Foreign Languages)

Mrs Stacey Cooper

Head of Department – Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Sophie MilliganTeacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Alex MolyneuxTeacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Ms Raynor NieuwenhuizenTeacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Alan WoodTrust Associate Education Director (Performance & Creative Arts)
Mr Jack BrindleyHead of Department – Music
Mrs Samantha ParkerHead of Department – Performing Arts
Mr Tom SwinnInterim Head of Department – Performing Arts / Teacher of Drama and Music
Ms Sarah O’BrienTeacher of Music / Head of Hereward House (Red)
Miss Geri WilcockTeacher of Performing Arts
Mr Tom LittleTrust Associate Education Director (Humanities: History & RE) / Partnership Lead – Religious Education
Miss Rianna BoothTeacher of Religious Education / Sociology / Health & Social Care
Mrs Jaime PrestonTeacher of Religious Education
Mrs Lucy MumbyInstructor of Religious Education
Mrs Michelle SmithTrust Associate Education Director (Science / Teaching & Learning)
Mrs Sally BakerHead of Department – Science
Mrs Andrea BurleyTeacher of Science (2nd in Department)
Dr Edward BriggsTeacher of Science
Mr Nathan ColeTeacher of Science / Trust House Lead
Miss Rachel DoubleTeacher of Science / Trust Head Post-16
Mrs Sarah FerraraTeacher of Science
Miss Sophia Lyn-KewTeacher of Science and PE / Head of Keller House (Yellow)
Dr Jonathan PoulterTeacher of Science
Mr Christopher StokesTeacher of Science
Mrs Phi SuTeacher of Science
Mr Peter TomlinsonTeacher of Science
Miss Jade WellsTeacher of Science
Miss Hannah ParkerInstructor of Science
Miss Lucy AbbeyScience Technician
Miss Judith IlesPartnership Lead & Head of Department – Social Sciences / Lead Professional Tutor
Miss Rianna BoothTeacher of Sociology / Health & Social Care / RE
Miss Chloe LawTeacher of Sociology / Psychology
Miss Sophie Topham-ClarkTeacher of Sociology
Ms Ged ColesTrust Associate Education Director (Sport & PE)
Mr Mark HousleyHead of Department – PE
Mrs Jo PickardTeacher of PE (2nd in Department)
Mr Ewan ArmstrongTeacher of PE
Mr Ben BroomeTeacher of PE / Mathematics
Mr Matthew DennisTeacher of PE / Head of Turner House (Purple)
Mrs Isobel DunnTeacher of PE
Miss Sophia Lyn-KewTeacher of PE and Science / Head of Keller House (Yellow)
Mrs Kelly WoollardTeacher of PE
Mr Austin CrowsonApprentice – PE
Mrs Louise BakerTeaching Assistant
Mrs Nicola BrandTeaching Assistant
Mrs Toni-Marie BullenTeaching Assistant
Miss Samantha CarvathTeaching Assistant
Mrs Kelda ChambersTeaching Assistant
Mrs Anne ClarkeTeaching Assistant
Mrs Sally CollinTeaching Assistant
Miss Anne CooperTeaching Assistant
Mrs Jane CooperTeaching Assistant
Mrs Karen CooperTeaching Assistant
Mrs Michelle CudbertsonTeaching Assistant
Mrs Julie DuckmantonTeaching Assistant
Mrs Joanna EastonTeaching Assistant
Miss Amy EwingTeaching Assistant
Miss Bethany FewingsTeaching Assistant
Mrs Katrina FroudTeaching Assistant
Mrs Lisa Glenn-SamsunTeaching Assistant
Mrs Sarah HammondTeaching Assistant
Mrs Rachel HarrisTeaching Assistant
Mrs Heidi HayesTeaching Assistant
Mrs Catriona HickeyTeaching Assistant
Miss Charlotte HornsbyTeaching Assistant
Mrs Susan HughesTeaching Assistant
Mrs Nicola MaybeTeaching Assistant
Mrs Kelly McCannTeaching Assistant
Mrs Karen MurphyTeaching Assistant
Mrs Amie O’NeillTeaching Assistant
Mrs Charlotte PenneyTeaching Assistant
Miss Katie TaylorTeaching Assistant
If you are interested in working for our Trust, visit www.slat.org.uk/vacancies for the latest vacancies or visit www.slat.org.uk/teacher-training for details of teaching training.

Support staff

CLICK HERE for contact details for Safeguarding, Children In Care, SENCo, Prevent Strategy and Children Not Attending School.

Mr Mark BryanTrust Associate Education Director (Behaviour, Pastoral & Safeguarding)
Mrs Julia KettleSafeguarding Manager
Mrs Joanne CarverSafeguarding Support Officer
Miss Jade McCarthyPastoral Year Lead (Year 7)
Miss Jodie WoodwardPastoral Year Lead (Year 8)
Miss Katy MorrisonPastoral Year Lead (Year 9)
Mrs Amy CrowsonPastoral Year Lead (Year 10)
Ms Francine LynasPastoral Year Lead (Year 11)
Mr Mark LewisPastoral & Cover Supervisor
Mr Dominic TaylorCover Teacher
Mr Dave Parker-MeadowsStudent Referral Unit (SRU) Manager
Mrs Carolyne CurtisMedical Assistant
Mrs Mandie InglisMedical Assistant
Mrs Karen JoelTrust Head SEND
Mrs Dawne PearsonAssociate SENDCo Director
Mrs Samantha StoreySEN Manager
Mrs Deborah FreemanStudent Support Manager
For the full list of Teaching Assistants, see the Teaching Staff section above.

CLICK HERE for further information about the House System.

Mr Nathan ColeTrust House Lead
Mr Ben BroomeHead of Galileo House (Orange) / Teacher of Mathematics & PE
Ms Sarah O’BrienHead of Hereward House (Red) / Teacher of Music
Miss Sophia Lyn-KewHead of Keller House (Yellow) / Teacher of PE and Science
Mr Harry ThornburnHead of Mays House (Green) / Teacher of Business Studies
Mr Matthew DennisHead of Turner House (Purple) / Teacher of PE
Miss Lauren EnglishHead of Warwick House (Blue) / Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs Libby BarberAssociate Director of Post-16 and Careers
Miss Sally BarkerCareers & Sixth Form Administrator
Mrs Julie TaylorLevel 6 Careers Adviser
Mrs Stephanie ArdenLibrarian
Mrs Sally BellSenior Administrator – Attendance Manager
Mrs Sarah GarnerAdministrator – Admissions & Attendance
Mrs Jayne ShieldsSenior Administrator – Exams Officer & Access Arrangements
Mrs Wendy Taylor-JacksonAdministrator – Exams / Reprographics
Mrs Julie CorbySLAT SIMS & Data Manager
Mrs Susan PuniSIMS & Data Progress Coordinator
Mrs Sarah HollandCover Manager
Mrs Louise HopkinsAdministrator – Reception
Mrs Louise SouthwoodAdministrator – Reception
Mrs Rachel BellAdministrator – Reprographics
Mrs Debbie ThistlewoodAdministrator – Reprographics
Miss Vanessa WeekesSLAT Director of Human Resources
Mrs Susan BaileySenior Administrator – Personnel
Mrs Lucy BriggsSenior Administrator – Personnel
Mrs Sally EshelbyChief Financial Officer
Mrs Clare PrenticeFinance Officer
Mrs Eniko AcasandriFinance Administrator
Mrs Lisa WarehamFinance Assistant
Mr Radford HudsonSLAT Director of Marketing & Communications
Mr John-Luke FrancisApprentice – Marketing/Operations
Mr Alex RoffeChief Operating Officer
Mr Martin LeggottSLAT Director of ICT Infrastructure
Mrs Charlotte MaguireSLAT Senior IT Technician
Mr Lucas EarlApprentice – IT
Mr Jacob SherwinApprentice – IT
Mr Chris KettlePremises Manager
Mrs Julie BennettPremises Assistant
Mr Andrew WillsPremises Assistant
Mr Stewart ScruppsSLAT Director of Catering
Mr David LaneCatering Manager
Mrs Jo GreenAssistant Cook
Miss Erika TinnonAssistant Cook
Miss Chloe CooperCatering Assistant
Mrs Lisa GilbertCatering Assistant
Ms Debora PollardCatering Assistant
Mrs Penny MitchellUniform Shop Coordinator
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