Work experience for sixth formers inspires future careers

Work experience for sixth formers inspires future careers

At the end of Year 12, our Sixth Formers had the opportunity to immerse themselves into the world of work with a one-week work experience placement with local employers.

This academic year has seen the return of our interactive careers programme of events where we have welcomed businesses and educators back into the school to inspire our students and for them to benefit from a work experience week.

The week allowed students to explore the careers they want to pursue after Sixth Form and develop key transferrable skills such as teamwork, communication, reliability, and decision making. It was a week that they all really enjoyed and learnt so much from.

With the support of our careers team, students were proactive in sourcing and securing their own work experience placements in a range of sectors such as local primary schools, engineering, finance, butchery, Lincolnshire Police, supporting the Don’t Lose Hope Charity and Transport for London.

Laura Broughton (pictured) was one of many students who is considering a career in teaching. She had her placement at Thurlby Community Primary Academy and said “Working in Thurlby was such an amazing and rewarding experience! By revisiting my old primary school, it brought back so many amazing memories and I was lucky to work with the incredible teachers and staff there. I worked with the reception children who were taught by Mrs Philps and she made me feel as if I was a long-term staff member in her classroom. Working with the children just showed me the amazing, hard work and dedication that her and the Teaching Assistants put into the children’s education. It highlighted to me how rewarding teaching is and the impact you have on the start of every child’s education. This has encouraged me into reviewing my career and highlighted teaching in primary education as a future profession. In the afternoon I worked with the Head of School, Mrs Fitch, who was my former Year 1 teacher – she has not changed and is still an amazing and caring teacher like she was when I was at school in 2011. I have learnt so many things from this work experience and gained life skills which I hope to use in my career. I hope that I am as much of a credit to the school and workplace as all the staff members are at Thurlby Community Primary Academy.”

Mrs Libby Barber, Careers & Aspirations Lead said “The students felt that they gained so much more from their experience being that bit older and therefore able to take on more active and involved roles. Many of our students have been offered the opportunity to carry out further work placements over the summer, have gained part-time employment and even apprenticeship offers as a result.”

  • If you work for or own a business locally and would like to be able to offer our Year 12 students a work experience placement in the future, please contact Mrs Libby Barber by email on

What the employers said about the work experience week…

Jim Leach from SL Engineering which is a local engineering company hosted two of our students and said:

“I have to say it has been an absolute pleasure to have the students on site this week for their work experience. This is the first time we have really engaged with students to do work experience and I know from speaking to the guys on the shop floor they have enjoyed showing the guys what goes into making high end parts for some of the world’s leading industries. The students found their week enjoyable, so much so that they may consider a career in engineering when they leave school or university. We have offered for them to come back in the summer holidays, if they would like to spend a bit more time learning about the industry. Thank you for inviting us to partake in this exercise, and I hope that we will be able to do the same again. We need to try and get as many youngsters interested in engineering as we can as our workforce isn’t getting any younger!”

Suzie Phillips from Thurlby Community Primary Academy hosted one of our students and said:

“During the week Laura demonstrated passion and maturity in my classroom. She has a genuine interest in developing her skills and became an active member of the KS1 team. Her dedication to her academic and personal development has been inspirational to watch, and Laura was a fantastic role model for our children. Laura also showed swift problem-solving skills and initiative at all times in the classroom and she has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I can honestly say that she has been the best work experience student both myself and the Year One teacher have ever had and we would welcome her back at any time.”

Hannah Campbell from Mill Farm Butchers in Manthorpe hosted one of our students and said:

“We have absolutely loved having Octavia – she has been a delight from start to finish and she’s a credit both to her family and to the school. She has consistently worked hard, gained new skills, picked things up astonishingly quickly and genuinely been an asset to the team. We have been so impressed with her work, attitude and mindset that we have invited her to return to us for a summer holiday job.”

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