Art & Design (General)

  • Examination board: Edexcel
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This is an optional subject which all students will study for 3 hours per week.

GCSE Art & Design is a practical subject through which students can explore a diverse range of art and design materials, techniques and processes in order to develop personal ideas and produce original outcomes. Students will work on set assignments, exploring the stages of the creative process.

This is an exciting course which is ideal for students who have a strong interest in Art & Design and may wish to move towards a career in some aspect of the industry. Examples of this may be Illustrator, Animator, Graphic Designer, Fine Artist, Computer Games Designer, Jewellery Designer, Product Designer, Set Designer or Architect.

The Art & Design course is an exciting and diverse programme. Students explore a range of media, techniques and processes including drawing, painting, printmaking, 3D design and ceramics.

Students will respond to a stimulus or starting point and can pursue their own areas of interest and expertise within this. They are taught to use visual language sensitively and thoughtfully to support their intentions.

Students must cover 2 components in their course:

  • Component 1: Personal Portfolio (60% of the overall grade). Students will responds to staring points set by their teacher, for example Organic – through which they will explore ideas, materials, techniques and the work of other artists whilst developing and producing their own original work.
  • Component 2: Externally Set Assignment (40% of the overall grade). Students will respond to a starting point set by the exam board, for example Power – through which they will explore ideas, materials, techniques and the work of other artists. After developing an ideas, they will produce their own original work under exam conditions over 10 hours.

The Art & Design department organise a trip to support learning in Year 10. The cost will be approximately £30.

There are four assessment objectives through which students gain marks:

  • DEVELOP – Students develop ideas whilst engaging with the work of other artists
  • REFINE – students refine their use of materials through a process of experimentation and review.
  • RECORD – students record ideas and intentions through research, photography, drawing and written evaluation
  • PRESENT – students present a personal response in response to their investigations.
    Students will receive frequent feedback to help them to develop their ideas and skills. There will be regular assessment points that will plot their progress using the GCSE assessment criteria indicated above.

After studying GCSE Art & Design you could study A-level Art & Design at Bourne Academy Sixth Form, or a Level 3 Art & Design course in a range of specialisms including Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Product Design qualifications at further education.

Examples of student artwork (click to enlarge)

Examples of student workbooks (click to enlarge)

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