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This is an optional subject which all students will study for 3 hours per week.

Psychology is the study of the mind and looks at a number of topics that affect us every day. Students are encouraged to take a critical approach and question the approaches, theories and explanations for behaviour that are presented.

Some examples of the issues that the students might cover are:

  • How our childhood can affect our later adult relationships.
  • Why some people develop abnormal behaviour, such as eating disorders, but not others.
  • What factors can affect the accuracy of memories e.g. Eyewitness Testimony.

It provides a strong grounding for those students wishing to study Psychology at A-level although it is not a necessity.

Over the two years you will study a number of topics including research methods which will be continued over the two years.

In Year 10 the topics include:

  • Memory – how and why we remember things.
  • Perception – how we perceive things and how this is different to what we actually see.
  • Developmental Psychology – theories of development.
  • Research Methods – the methods used to investigate these topic areas.

In Year 11 topics we cover are:

  • Social Influence – how and why we obey authority figures.
  • Language, thought and communication – changing language and how this can affect the way we think.
  • Brain and Neuropsychology – the structure and functions of the brain.
  • Psychological Problems – psychological disorders and how these may be caused.

The course is split into two units each worth 50% of the total grade – one studied in Year 10 and one in Year 11. It is all exam based.

  • Unit 1 – Assessed by a 1 hour 45 minutes examination worth 100 marks
  • Unit 2 – Assessed by a 1 hour 45 minutes examination worth 100 marks

After studying GCSE Psychology you could study A-level Psychology at Bourne Academy Sixth Form.

A GCSE in Psychology can lead to a range of different options at Post 16. Psychology provides a good insight into behaviour and the way that people think and behave so it can be used as a good grounding for A-level subjects or further study that require you to think from alternative perspectives. It can also prepare students for careers in the public sector where interacting with others is important and is looked upon favourably by potential employers.

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