Bracelets for Memories

Bracelets for Memories

Article By Billie Marshall Year 11

Bracelets for Memories was created by myself and with guidance from my cousin we brought our charity page to life. With each bracelet, the profit straight to a charity I hold close to my heart, Dementia UK.

Dementia UK has been a significant part of my life because of the family members I love dearly who are being horrible affected. Loosing precious memories such as birthdays, weddings and new family members being brought to our still growing family.

With each purchase I hope more awareness would be brought to this unknown charity/disease that affects so any. I see more and more people understanding and helping others with this cruel disease. As time goes on I see more Dementia friendly care homes and more therapies for these patients. Some of the therapies being funded include doll therapy, herbology (gardening) and music therapy.

With each purchase that helps fund these therapies and care homes, more and more Dementia patients are in the appropriate care and not being abused/neglected by nurses who are under qualified or unable to actually fully care for these patients. Though my contribution may seem small it has a greater impact for nurses and patients as they have the equipment and training to provide for themselves and the patients.

When I started the charity page I was only 14 and I was their youngest supporter. Bracelets for memories are handmade paracord bracelets which have been primarily advertised on Facebook but it shows no matter how small the charity work is it ultimately makes a difference and even if your 11 or older you can still help raise awareness for charities.

Visit the Bracelets for Memories Facebook page here.

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