Bugsy Malone performances are the talk of the town

Bugsy Malone performances are the talk of the town

It is always a big challenge taking on a well-loved and established musical comedy such as Bugsy Malone, but it was one that the Performing Arts department and our talented cast of students certainly relished.

Last week, from Tuesday to Friday the cast performed in front of a packed audience and delivered outstanding shows with captivating stage presence, amazing vocals and perfect choreography every time.

It was a fantastic feeling to have live theatre back at the school and especially when it was so well supported by families and the local community.

Whilst the performers on the stage take their deserved praise, the students who worked behind the scenes ensured that there was a seamless transition from scene-to-scene with sound and lighting you would expect from any leading theatre. This was all complemented by our incredible band who had you tapping your feet throughout the show.

A special mention goes to Mr Wood, Mrs Parker, Mr Swinn, Mr Horner, Mr Brindley and Miss O’Brien from the Performing Arts and Music departments who have dedicated so much time and effort to ensure that the performances were truly first class.

We hope that everyone who came to any of the performances enjoyed the show and are looking forward to our next production in 2023.

Mrs Parker, Head of Department for Performing Art said “The Performing Arts department are really proud of the cast and crew of Bugsy Malone. They have worked tirelessly for nine months and have been dedicated and enthusiastic throughout the whole process. After two years of not having live performances, Bugsy Malone has been a breath of fresh air and has showcased the abundance of talent at Bourne Academy. The process has allowed a range of students from Year 7 to 13 to work as a professional company in a creative and collaborative team. Throughout the live shows the students performed to 260 primary school students in the Primary School Preview and a further 600 audience members in the evening shows. We are all really proud of the way that the students have conducted themselves and it gave us great pleasure to show the Bourne community, the wonderful talent that we have at Bourne Academy.”

  • Production Managers: Mrs S Parker / Mr A Wood / Mr M Horner / Mr T Swinn
  • Musical Directors: Mr T Swinn / Mr J Brindley
  • Choreography: Jess Glover / Grayci Mai Wilson
  • Student Director: Katie White
  • Stage Management: Lucy Abbey / Mr M Horner
  • Tech Support: Emrys Connelly / Emma Gough / Isobelle Hobson / Jamie Lau / Jack Lee / Jai Manzur / Zion Serino-Jordan / Rebecca Yarnell
  • Keys: Mr T Swinn / Dan Watson
  • Bass: Mr J Brindley
  • Trumpet: Miss S O’Brien
  • Guitar: Danny Petherick / Chloe Price
  • Drums: Liam Exton
  • Bugsy Malone – Alex Walton
  • Blousey Brown – Meredith Marsh
  • Fat Sam—John – Luke Francis
  • Tallulah – Mia French
  • Fizzy – Abbie Chappell
  • Dandy Dan – Lucas Barnatt
  • Knuckles – Jessica Szyszka
  • Louis – Tegan Wyche
  • Snake Eye – Caitlin Revell
  • Angelo – Lola Rainbow
  • Ritzy – Holly Rutherford
  • Bronx Charlie – Lucie Hill
  • Laughing Boy – Erin Geddes
  • Benny Lee – Lola Wilcockson
  • Yonkers – Lizzie Hoile
  • Doodle – Edward Barks
  • Captain Smolsky – Lewis Jackson
  • O’Dreary – Miles Francis
  • Leroy – Jothen Parker
  • Cagey Joe – Cameron Rosam-Goodwin
  • Speakeasy SingerVicky Baricz Hughes
  • Speakeasy Singer – Matilda Hay
  • Bangles – Ruth Sims
  • Tilly – Amelia Rigby-Wilde
  • Loretta – Olivia Gough
  • Dotty – Skye Harper
  • Louella – Amber Sharkey
  • Baby Face – William Thompson
  • Shady/Flash Frankie – Olivia Griffiths
  • Roxy Robinson/Joe – Emily Cooper
  • Violinist – Casey Woolsey
  • Reporter/Oscar de Velt – Jack Allen
  • Lena Marelli – Millie Hughes
  • Ventriloquist – Mia Ward
  • Dummy – Abigail Glover
  • Seymour Scoop – Anna Lister-Vignolo
  • Marbini – Ebony Cuffe
  • Butler/Auditionee – Matilda Kelly
  • Barber/Pickett – Darcy Hildebrandt
  • Jess Glover
  • Grayci Mai Wilson
  • Lydia Goodbun
  • Sofia Nunziata
  • Ruby Stokes
  • Hollie Booth
  • Amelia Kearns
  • Alisha Ridgway
  • Tia Wilson
  • Isabella Winsworth

The photos below are in the order as in the performance.

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