‘Drop Everything And Read’ sessions promote reading and literacy

Our ‘Drop Everything And Read’ sessions promote reading and literacy

To improve reading and literacy, we school run a variety of initiatives as part of our communications agenda. For our Year 7 and Year 8 students, one of the highly successful activities we run is DEAR Time, which stands for ‘Drop Everything And Read’.

This is where the whole class take turns to read a text and they then discuss what they have read to highlight key vocabulary and share their thoughts on the issues raised in the material.

We run these sessions once a term and all classes focus on a different subject area so if they normally have an art, history or maths lesson, their reading text can be relevant to art, history or maths. Topics change throughout the academic year and may include historical perspectives, careers, current reports or fiction, but ultimately will be interesting and enriching.

It was really impressive to see how enthusiastic our students are about wanting to get involved and read the text and how the whole class engages.

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