Lego League

Lego League

Students have recently taken part in the First Lego League Competition at Cambridge University where students were asked to design and program a robot and complete missions on this year’s theme City Shaper. To start off, students were shown around the prestigious university and had an opportunity to meet the other teams before heading to a physics presentation lead by one of the professors who introduced the students to some interesting toys such as drones, a boomerang and some bath chain! This left the students in awe thinking about how different designs can act in unexpected ways. 

The students then proceeded to the testing area to check that all of the code and robot were working as intended before heading off to the first judging area. Here students were asked to explain their design considerations and show off the solutions to the missions. Our team were extremely enthusiastic and proud of what they had achieved which really reflected. 

Up next was the first robot game. Here the students attempted to complete as many missions as possible in the three-minute time slot. Unfortunately, our robot started misbehaving but after a few minor adjustments in games two and three they were able to earn some valuable points. The next task was to present the solutions the students had come up with on how to make the town center safer for pedestrians. Our students argued with passion about improving the quality of our roads, having higher bridges and better traffic light solutions. They truly had some innovative and creative ideas. 

Finally, after all the points were calculated, it was time to head to the awards ceremony where all the teams nervously gathered to hear the final results. After a fierce competition unfortunately we did not win a trophy but students upheld Bourne Academy values gracefully and congratulated the winning teams in good spirits. We did however, come away from the ceremony a much more passionate and stronger team, proudly wearing hard earned medals and clutching certificates. 

Our position in the competition was 5th out of 20 and we believe that was a success!

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