Geography students get creative for natural hazards project

Geography students get creative for natural hazards project

Our Year 7 Geography students were able to display their creative side in a Geography homework project over the school holidays when they had to create a 2D or 3D representation of either a volcanic eruption, earthquake, tsunami or tropical storm.

We were really impressed with the many amazing projects that were submitted and could see our students put in a great deal of time and effort. They used a lot of imagination in their designs as well as being resourceful with the materials.

Not only were our students creative by making fantastic sculptures, but they had put a lot of thought into following the project brief with incredible attention to detail in their natural hazards.

The students in the Year 7 Eco Group, which is led by Miss Potesta-Elliott had the unenviable task of judging the shortlisted entries as it was really difficult to decide with such a variety of entries. The judging criteria was very fair as students in the club awarded points for how accurate and how creative the project was.

Congratulations to Josh Wigglesworth who was awarded first place. Alice Thompson and Lois Riches were joint runners-up and Bethany Davis was highly commended.

Well done to every student who took the time to create their work during the school holidays. Every student who completed the homework project was awarded achievement points for their efforts.

Below are the winners and some of the shortlisted entries.

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