Professional actress prepares students for National Theatre play

Professional actress prepares students for National Theatre play

Professional actress, Kate Spencer visited Bourne Academy last week to deliver an acting workshop with our students. Some of you may recognise Kate from the three years she spent playing Grace Vickers in Coronation Street. As well as starring on TV, she works as a freelance Workshop Facilitator to help build confidence, improve communication and develop characterisation.

The beneficiaries of his workshop were a group of fifteen Performing Arts students in Years 9 to 13 who are set to perform a new production for the National Theatre youth theatre festival called ‘Connections’.

The new play they will perform is ‘Old Times’ by Molly Taylor, which is an entertaining play is about seven friends meeting up after many years apart and ghosts from the past are reborn. The play quickly snaps between the past and present to reveal an awful truth about their friendship.

This amazing opportunity to work with a professional actress came about through a Participation Project with the Nottingham Playhouse who are the partner theatre for this National Theatre production as our students will perform their production to a live audience at this prestigious venue.

As well as being performed at the Nottingham Playhouse, there will be an evening performance at Bourne Academy on Friday 3rd March 2023. Details of how to purchase tickets will be announced soon.

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