Sixth Formers celebrate in style at their end of year Prom

Sixth Formers celebrate in style at their end of year Prom

After all of their hard work and dedication for the last two years, our Sixth Formers celebrated the end of their exams together at the Sixth Form Prom, which was held at the prestigious The Bull Hotel in Peterborough.

This historic and luxurious venue dates back to the seventeenth century and gave our students the perfect send off before they embark on their next steps at university or into employment.

The evening included a hot buffet, entertainment, photo booth and most importantly a relaxed environment so our students can be together as a large group for one last time as they have made close friendships during their time at Sixth Form.

It is an exciting time for our Sixth Formers as they will be embarking on the next step of their careers and below is what the Year 13 students said about their time at Sixth Form.

“Having a building to ourselves was relaxing and made me feel comfortable.”

“I feel I have been able to learn a lot by experiencing new things and meeting new people in a new environment.”

“The support and relationships you build with the staff mean a lot as they were always there to help.”

“This Sixth Form has helped mould me into the person I am today.”

“The independent study lessons allowed people to get on with work at their own pace and allows students to work further ahead than asked originally.”

“The teachers have made the whole experience a lot less stressful!”

“Even though I was only at Bourne Academy for the Sixth Form, I have really enjoyed it.”

“I have always felt I had someone to turn too when needed as the staff and support has been excellent.”

“I felt so supported during my whole university application. Having spoken to friends from other schools, they’ve found it a struggle.”

“It has been very welcoming and have felt very safe here.”

“I was treated more like an equal rather than a student which made the experience better.”

“Having time to relax and hang out with friends was really nice, and going off site at lunch was fun too.”

“You are treated like adults and given more freedom.”

“I have had many positive and some negative experiences, but no matter what happened I was always supported and the advice I was given has helped guide me to my life now and the future.”

We would like to wish every one of our students all the best for the future and we know they will be successful in whatever they choose to do.

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