STEM Week uses Science, Maths and Computing in real life scenarios

STEM Week uses Science, Maths and Computing in real life scenarios

The Science, Maths and Computer Science departments at Bourne Academy celebrated a STEM Week by creating a series of engaging challenges and activities, which were related to real life scenarios.

These included designing a race car, engineering challenges, budgeting, creating and coding wearable technology plus some students even become secret agents!

A variety of guest speakers gave up their time to speak to students about the STEM careers available in the Army and in engineering industries that use CAD design and 3D printing. The Army even delivered team building activities to test students logical thinking and physical ability.

As well as taking part in STEM activities during lessons, at lunchtime there was a popular STEM Club where students could test their strategic skills by playing chess and cyber-security board games.

During the last week of term (when it was very hot!), certificates and rewards were handing out to nearly 100 students for their excellent group and individual work. Below are just some of the students who were awarded.


Set with the challenge of creating a safety racing car, our Year 7 and 8 students put amazing effort and innovation into their designs. From Minion, Shrek and Tesco themed cars to using Hot-Wheels cars as wheels the students all showed amazing creativity and teamwork to get their cars built. No matter how pretty the cars might have looked, aesthetics is only part of the design and some groups found out the hard way with some spectacularly failed launches! There was however, some truly remarkable creations with amazing launches showing amazing examples of speed, efficiency and safety throughout the week.


Maths teachers often get asked “When will I ever use this in real life?” In STEM week, they helped answer that question by taking students through the design process of a new piece of technology which would help solve an environmental problem. Students had to choose a problem then think about ways they could repurpose parts of an old smart phone to make a new gadget. As well using Mathematical techniques, students were taught to be creative and resilient problem solvers. The STEM week opened students eyes to a variety of careers with many which require the skills learnt in Maths lessons.


The Computer Science department created a host of different engaging activities for our students. They worked as spies to decode secret messages for Artimis Fowl and Jonny English using cryptography plus created wearable technology and games using BBC Micro bits. There were also Engineering challenges to design robots to help improve water quality across rivers, lakes and streams in the UK. All students were encouraged to think logically and work out complex problems using the skills they have learnt during STEM week.

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