Year 7 Netball and Football Teams win SLAT Sport Tournaments

Year 7 Netball and Football Teams win SLAT Sport Tournaments

Over the last few months, students in Years 7 to 11 have been competing in the first ever SLAT Sports Tournament against the other schools in our Trust.

In the last series of games that were held last week, it was the turn of our Year 7 students and they did not disappoint with both the Year 7 Girls Netball team and the Year 7 Boys Football team coming first in their tournaments.

Our Year 7 girls have had a fantastic first season after coming runners-up in the Superzone tournament last term and now winning all of their games against Giles Academy, Cowley Academy and Spalding Academy.

In the first game against Giles Academy, they won 9-1 with Poppy Green, Thea Johnson and Zara Kelby all working extremely hard in the shooting circle. Indigo Cox, Fleur Nelson, Sophie King and Olivia Henderson continued excellent court play against Cowley Academy winning 6-1. Then in the final game against Spalding Academy, it was tightly contested with some great interception by Zara Wright and Sophie Smalova in defence helping us win 5-4.

Well done to the whole squad and the Players Player of the tournament was Fleur Nelson. We look forward to seeing the team develop and win more competitions next season.

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